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Your digital menu only 5 €!
For your restaurant, brewery, bar or for your wedding reception, birthday or other events
Facilitate the reception of your customers or your guests with a digital menu


(1) Welcome offer without commitment, after the free month, you need to subscribe to continue to benefit from your menu

Offer 1 Month

5€ Excl VAT

Ideal for exploring and testing services

Offer 3 Month

15€ Excl VAT

Ideal for short-term events (birthdays, housewarming, ...)

Offer 6 Month

30€ Excl VAT

Ideal for medium-term events (weddings, seminars, ...)

Offer 12 Month

60€ Excl VAT

Ideal for restaurants, bar, hotel, ...

In addition to the traditional paper menu, the digital menu will be your best communication tool even before the arrival of your customers or guests. This will make it the admission and residence of your customers with continuous and fast access to all relevant information as:

• menus and formulas
• the menu, specialties, wines, ...
• practical information (timetables, arrival route, ...)
• access codes (Parking, Wifi, ...)

Your customers or guests can access your menu anytime, anywhere from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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